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    Utopia and Distopia

    Thomas More, British politician, presented the paradise in his writings, 'Utopia'. The book describes 'Utopia', fancy island like perfectly earthly paradise. The British novelist, George Orwell dealt with the distopia in his writings, '1984'. The distopia he stated sharply criticized the negative part of real world. The real world is thought to be placed between the utopia and distopia.

    The world of most existing games dream is akin to the utopia. To be sure, when considering the features of game, the configuration of the world cannot be regarded as the utopia. But though specific games handle the distopia, their final object is mostly to dream the utopia in the manner of recovering the peace by removing the Devil. Indeed, can the utopia world become the correct answer for the world we dream?
    Now the flow of game industry has been converted from the existing package game to an MMORPG. The users who take pleasure in the online game form a new life in this other world. In this world the user becomes this character who, can become everything he/she wishes for. If this is so, should this online game world aim for a utopia like other games?

    About that, our answer is flatly no. The agent in the famous 'Matrix' world said the following. 'Although the perfect world has been given to the human in all aspects, he/she have not been adapted to that.' In other words, the important thing is the issue in adapting it regardless of the utopia or distopia.
    Many online games are shown, but finding the aspect of another real world is not easy. To construct the exciting online game world closely similar to the real world, never fail to forget the consideration of the distopia as well as the utopia. Can the light with the shade exist as the shade exists due to the light? A various and complex society closely allied to the more real world where the light and shade coexist. The user must decide whether it becomes the utopia or distopia. That becomes the base for designing the social components in 'Silkroad Online'.

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